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Cover Shot
Misha Alexandrovich
Un Dokh Sing Ikh! - Yiddish Songs of A Perished World

Order #: 01225
Born in Berspils,Latvia in 1914, by the age of 7, Misha Alexendrovich was known throught Europe as "The Wonderkind" and was invited by the great Benjamino Gigli to Milan to become one of this last disciples.Alexandrovich become of the the most popular artists in the Soviet Union, having sold more thatn 20,000,000 records while persuing his carrer as Cantor. From 1945 to1971, he was prohibited from practicing his profession as Cantor since religious activity was prohibited in the Soviet Union. In this period, however,he was "permitted" to give private concerts for Stalin and Krushchev. In the early 1970s, he was permitted to leave the Soviet Union, and became Chief Cantor of the Great Synagogue of Ramat Gan in Israel and perfromed to sold out audiences in concerts throughout the world.The selections on this CD consist of recordings from 1968 on the Molodiya label, accompanied with chamber orderstra, and from 1972, recorded in Tel Aviv by RCA.This beautiful recording includes a detailed booklet with phonetic lyrics and English translations as well as biographical information and photos. A MUST for any Jewish music collection!
1.   Ship Zhe Mir A Lidele In Yiddish
2.   Kinder Yorn
3.   Yunge Yorn
4.   A Pastechl A Troymer
5.   In Rod Arayn
6.   Mechetunim Geyen
7.   Bay A Takhl
8.   A Chassen Oif Shabbes
9.   Der Furman
10.   Der Chazen Un Der Gabe
11.   Varnishkes
12.   Leyg Dayn Kop Oif Mayn Kni
13.   Moyshele Mayn Fraynd
14.   Un Doch Leb Ich
15.   Dos Yiddishe Lid ) Dos Lid Fun Golus)
16.   A Glezele L'chaim

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