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Cover Shot
Documentary: narrated by Hal Linden
America And The Holocaust: Deceit & Indiference (Video and DVD)
Order #: 01286
This documentary paints a troubling picture of the United States during a period beset by anti-Semitism and a government that, due to complex social and political factors, not only delayed action by suppressed information and blocked efforts that could have resulted in the rescue of hundreds of thousands of people. This tragic story is told through the moving story of Kurt Klein, who had emigrated to the US from Germany in 1937 to escape the growing Nazi persecutions. together with his brother and sister, who had emigrated previously, he struggled for four years to bring his parent to America. Like thousands of the Jewish families the Kleins would be hampered by a State Department that ordered it's foreign consulates to stall the process even though in 1942 the State Department was advised by a Jewish organization in Geneva of Nazi plans to exterminate all the Jews in Europe; their response was to suppress it, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands.Approx. 90 Min.
1.   Worsening Situation in Europe
2.   U.S. Immigration Bias
3.   Home Grown Nazis
4.   State Department Denies Problem
5.   Genocide Begins On Eastern Front
6.   Roosevelt React to Extermination Plans
7.   Report of 6000 Weekly Killings Suppressed
8.   Firm Agenda of Not Rescuing Jews
9.   Policy Reversal Before Scandal Erupts
10.   War Department Refuses to Bomb Auschwitz

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