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Hana Ahroni
Hana Ahroni : Greatest Hits from 1948 - 1998 (3 CD set)

Order #: 01338
Hana Ahroni--along with Shoshana Damari, and Yaffa Yarkoni-- has been a staple of the Israeli music scene even before the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. The Yemenite-Israeli singer began her career as a singer in radio at the age of ten and quickly established herself as a star in Israel, and soon thereafter, internationally--having toured with such stars as Harry Belafonte and Danny Kaye. She has preformed in all the great concert halls of the world with such stars as Johnny Mathis andTheodore Bikel and appeared on numerous television programs including The Ed Sullivan Show, The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson and co-starred in a TV special with Paul Anka. She has recorded in many countries in different languages --in the US she recorded an album produced by H.B. Barnum. This 3 CD compilation spans Hana Ahroni's recording career and includes selection in Hebrew, Yiddish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Yiddish, Yemenite, Cantorial and English. Booklet included with a complete discography, pictures and lyrics to all the songs. A MUST for every Israeli music collection!
1.   Etz Harimon (1948)
2.   Agal Vesusa
3.   Erev Shel Shoshanim
4.   Artz Alinu
5.   El Ha'ayin
6.   Ani Chavatzelet Hasharon
7.   Zohara
8.   Machol Dayagim
9.   Sh'chora Ani Vena'ava
10.   Yakiri
11.   Haleluya
12.   Haya Yom Rishon
13.   Manginat Kayits
14.   Nimshechet
15.   Isha Betoch Tzama
16.   Al Safsal Began Ha'ir
17.   Etz Harimon (1990)
18.   CD #2 - Ein Adir
19.   Vatachazena Einenu
20.   Yehi Ratzon (Sheyibune Beit Hamikdash)
21.   Yiddishe Mame (in Yiddish)
22.   El Ginat Egoz
23.   Ani Zechariya Ben Ezra
24.   Chus Elohai
25.   Dabri Shir
26.   Hashoshana Porachat (Ladino Song in Hebrew)
27.   Hora Agadati
28.   Haro'e
29.   Erev Sach
30.   Bona Bona Habanot
31.   Hakotsrim Heidad
32.   Al Tir'uni
33.   CD #3 - Y Viva Espana (In Spanish)
34.   Cielito Lindo ( In Spanish)
35.   Corcovado (In Portuguese)
36.   Maravilloso (In Spanish)
37.   Tu y Yo (Spanish)
38.   Padam Padam (French)
39.   Me, Myself And I (English)
40.   A Taste Of Honey (English)
41.   I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love (English)
42.   Too Many Tears (English)
43.   Exodus (English)
44.   Shalom Yerushalayim
45.   Heye Shalom
46.   Torero Mi Sevilla
47.   Gitara Bamutzav
48.   Kmol Etmol

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