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Moyshe Oysher, Fraydele Oysher and Marilyn Michaels
The Oysher Heritage
Order #: 01454
This CD consists of Yiddish, and Cantorial recordings spanning a period of many years...from early Moyshe and Fraydele Oysher solo recordings to duets by Moyshe and Fraydele, duets by Marilyn and Fraydele as well as over dubs by Marilyn with her uncle Moyshe. Michael Sternberg, Fraydel's son, who often performed with his mother in concert is also featured as singer and guitarist.One of the high points of this CD is Marilyn Michaels' classic Yiddish/English version of "Mamele"...possibly the most powerful version ever recorded of this song. "This CD tribute to the famed Oyshers is really a family affair, with MichaelsŐs brother Michael Sternberg and father Harold Sternberg making contributions. The mom-and-daughter material is reminiscent of the Barry Sisters, swinging hard and playing very funny. The recordings of Moishe are as powerful as ever. A good introduction to classic repertoire for those who have never heard it; a lovely reminder for those who grew up with it."......George Robinson...The Jewish Week
1.   Amar Amar
2.   Seyibone Bais Hamikdosh
3.   Oif'n Veg Shtet A Boim
4.   A Zemerl
5.   M'Loach
6.   sholom Tantz
7.   Zol Noch Zine Shabbos
8.   Cirba
9.   Der Milners Trern ( )
10.   Ov Horachamin ( )
11.   Mamele ( )
12.   Mechele Mein Zien/Meidele ( )
13.   Goldene Chassene ( )
14.   Reboynoy Shel L'Oylom ( )
15.   In Mein Shtetl ( )
16.   Moaz Tzur (Rock Of Ages) ( )
17.   Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen ( )
18.   Di Mezinka ( )

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