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Various: P. Pinchik, B.Chagy, Z.Kwartin, Y.Rosenblatt, M. Hershman, G.Sirota
Jewish Liturgy: Seven Great Cantors - Liturgie Juive (2 CD Set)

Order #: 01471
This is the real deal: a two-CD collection of astonishing performances from, arguably, the seven best purveyors of Golden Age cantorial music: Pierre Pinchik, Berele Chagy, Zavel Kwartin, David Roitman, Yossele Rosenblatt, Mordecai Hershman and Gerson Sirota. If you haven’t yet dipped into the world of virtuoso cantors, this is definitely the place to start. The remastering is excellent, with lively sound. The musical choices are excellent, with a generous helping of High Holy Day selections, includingKwartin’s “Kol Nidre” and Rosenblatt’s “Avinu Malkeinu.” A must-have set ....review by George Robinson...The Jewish Week , New York.-------------Containing 30 liturgical selections, this 2 CD set features 7 of the greatest masters of The Golden Age ofCantors. Included is a booklet with short biographies of the cantors. A wonderful addition to any Cantorial collection.
1.   CD #1: Rozo D'Shabbos (Pierre Pinchik)
2.   Eileh Ezk'ron (Pierre Pinchik)
3.   Av Horachamin (Pierre Pinchik)
4.   Mimkomcho (Berele Chagy)
5.   V'Chol Maaminim (Berele Chagy)
6.   Burkas Kohanim (Berele Chagy)
7.   V'chol Borai Olom (Berele Chagy)
8.   Kol Nidre (Zavel Kwartin)
9.   Han'Somoh Loch (Zawel Kwartin)
10.   Shomea Kol Bichyos (Zawel Kwartin)
11.   Ovinu Malkenu (Zawel Kwartin)
12.   L' Dovid Mizmor (Zawel Kwartin)
13.   Tiher Rabbi Yishmoel (Zawel Kwartin)
14.   Weal Yedei (Zawel Kwartin)
15.   CD# 2: V'Haarev No (David Roitman)
16.   Schochney Botey Chomer (David Roitman)
17.   Oshamnu Mikolom (David Roitman)
18.   Sorea Zoukos (Yossele Rosenblatt)
19.   Ovinu Malkenu (Yossele Rosenblatt)
20.   Hineni Heani (Yossele Rosenblatt)
21.   T'Ka B'Shofar (Yossele Rosenblatt)
22.   Misraetze B'Rachamim (Yossele Rosenblatt)
23.   R' Zei Adoshem Elohenyi (Mordechai Hershman)
24.   Halben Chatoenu (Mordechai Hershman)
25.   aneinu (Mordechai Hershman)
26.   Psalm 55 (Gershon Sirota)
27.   Kol Nidre (Gershon Sirota)
28.   Halben Chatoenu (Gershon Sirota)
29.   Ovinu Malkenu (Gershon Sirota)

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