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Theodore Bikel
Theodore Bikel Sings Yiddish Theatre and Folk Songs
Order #: 01654
This is the third of three Yiddish albums Theodore Bikel recorded for Elektra Records in the 60's. Out of print for many years we are proud to release this classic album on the Hatikvah label. One of the selections, the folk song, "Dem Milners Treren", has found new life since being featured by Sidor Belarsky in the film, "A Serious Man". This beautiful song by Mr. Bikel is performed with the depth and emotion that only he can bring. This 16 song collection should be part on every Jewish Music library.

"Jewish Soul" features traditional Jewish songs by artists who have achieve world wide fame in the fields of Popular, Rock & Roll, Classical, and Operatic Music.

The universal appeal of Jewish music is as old as Tin Pan Alley as is exemplified by the fact that the inspiration for this compilation came from an artist not known as a "Jewish-Music artist", Jackie Wilson, known as "Mr. Excitement", who is featured here performing the Al Jolson classic "The Anniversary Song". Jay & The Americans were one of the top vocal groups in the 1960s and opened for the Beatles on their first US tour. It was often assumed they were a popular Italian rhythm and blues group when in fact they were Jewish kids from New York, featured here on "Where Is The Village", sung in both English and Yiddish (as "Vi Is Dus Gessele"). "Dance Everyone Dance", an English version of "Hava Nagila", was a major pop hit for Betty Madigan at the peak of the rock & roll era. Her arrangement of this classic song was the inspiration for later versions by Connie Francis and The Barry Sisters!

1.   Doina
2.   Beygelech
3.   Di Grine Kuzine
4.   A Pintale
5.   Dire Gelt
6.   A Finf Un Tsvantsiger
7.   Got Fun Avrohom
8.   Kalt Vasser
9.   Dem Milnerís Treren
10.   Machatonim
11.   Shabes Shabes
12.   Machateyneste Mayne
13.   Ayn Shtetele Belz
14.   Yossel Der Klezmer
15.   A Kleyn Melamedl

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