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Cover Shot
Adrienne Cooper and Zalmen Mlotek
Ghetto Tango - Wartime Yiddish Theater
Order #: 00910
{From the Booklet} This recording presents music theater repertoire written and adapted by Jewish composers, lyricists, actors, singers, and street performer, and amateurs in the Jewish ghettos of Poland and Lithuania during World War II. It is a record of the expressive vocabulary of its time and its creators--satirical and elegiac, political and personal, angry and heartsick.........Notes by Adrienne CooperThese songs on this CD were adapted from Yiddish Folk and liturgical songs, operetta and American ragtime, as well as tango and cabaret songs and are sung primarily in Yiddish though some are sung in both Yiddish and English. One notable exception is the song "Song of The Nazi's Soldier's Wife" (sung in this collection in the English translation). Composed by Kurt Weill, he broadcast it back to Europe by short-wave to demoralize the Germany soldiers.The accompanying 28 page booklet has translations of all the songs and detailed notes by Adrienne Cooper as well as photos of the composers,most of whom were killed in the War. A real collectors item.
1.   Moyshe Halt Zikh
2.   Coolies
3.   Mues
4.   Mazl/OI A Heym
5.   Makh Tsu Di Eygelekh
6.   Peshe Fun Reshe
7.   Yisrolik
8.   Moorsoldaten
9.   Vayl Ikh Bin A Yidele
10.   Fun Der Arbet
11.   Nit Kayn Rozhinkes
12.   Ver Klapt Es
13.   Friling
14.   Song of The Nazi Soldier's Wife
15.   Amerike Hot Erklert
16.   Yid Du Partizaner
17.   Minutn Fun Bitokhn
18.   The Bar Mitzve Speech

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