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Theodore Bikel, Frieda Enoch, Nobel Voices
Rise Up And Fight - Songs of Jewish Partisans
Order #: 00983
Produced by The United States Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, this 18 selection Cd is a unique music document of the Jewish resistance. The 35 page booklet contains transliterated Yiddish lyrics as well as the English translation, and biographical sketches of the composers. The booklet, which inludes historic photos, is written by Dov Levin, a member of the Kovno Ghetto underground, and later a partisan fighter in the forests of Lithuania. The songs are perfomed by Theodore Bikel--with guitar accompaniment by Daniel Kempin, Frieda Enoch , and the Noble Voices -- conducted by Robert DeCornier.
1.   Itsik Vittenberg (Theodore Bikel, with Daniel Kempin, guitar)
2.   Tsayt-lid (Frieda Enoch & Ensemble)
3.   Tsum Besern Morgn ( Noble Voices)
4.   Shtil, Di Nacht Iz Oysgeshternt (Theodore Bikel, with Daniel Kempin,guitar)
5.   In Kriyuvke (Frieda Enoch & Ensemble)
6.   Partizaner Libe (Robert DeCormier,with Noble Voices)
7.   Dos Zangl (Theodore Bikel, with Daniel Kempin,guitar)
8.   Troyer Past Nisht Undzer Pinim ( Noble Voices)
9.   Tsum Roytarmayer (Frieda Enoch & Ensemble)
10.   Harmoinka/Sovevuni (Frieda Enoch & Ensemble)
11.   Shtey Oyf Tsum Kamf ( Noble Voices)
12.   Varshe (Frieda Enoch & Ensemble)
13.   Dort Baym Breg Fun Veldl ( Bikel, with Daniel Kempin,guitar)
14.   Davay Zakurim/Gib Zhe Khaver A Roykher Ton (Theodore Bikel, with Noble Voices)
15.   Zog Nit Keynmol Az Du Geyst Dem Lestn Veg (Theodore Bikel,with Zoltan Racz,accordon)
16.   Undzer Lid (Shmerke Kaczerginski)

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