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Various - Produced by Susana Weich-Shahak
Cantares Y Romances Tradicionales Sefardies De Marruecos - Sephardic Songs & Ballads From Morocco

Order #: 01002
Sung by various women, the songs on this Cd consist of traditional melodies as handed down throughout the generations. Recorded in the style of "field recordings",these selections have no musical accompaniment though a few of the vocals have percussion accompaniment only. The songs pertain to the "life cycle'--birth, bar mitzvah, marriage-- and festivals. This recording is highly recommended as are all productions by Susana Weich-Shahak
1.   Catar De La Prida+ Los Dos Bandos (Sara Kadosh)
2.   La fragua Del Estudo (Copla de Bar Mitzvah) - Tangier (Henriette Benchimol)
3.   El Mazal Arrelumbrante + El Marido Desmayado (Marriage) -Tangier (Ester Davida and Family)
4.   La Novia Remilgada (Marriage) -Tangier (Rina Benabu)
5.   Las Prendas De La Novia (Marriage) - Tangier (Ester Davida & Family)
6.   La Vela Del Ajuar + El Sueno de La Novia (Marriage) - Tangier (Rachel Levy)
7.   Las Afeites De La Novia + 13 Songs of Marriage (Tangier) (Ginette Benabu)
8.   La Fuente Prodigiosa (Marriage) - Tetuan (Alicia Bendayan)
9.   El Pretendiente Burlado+Aladin+Los Dos Bandos+La Cena De Los Nabos (Marriage) - Tangier (Ginette Benabu)
10.   Los Malos Augurios(Destruction of Temple in Jerusalem) - Tetuan (Flora Bengio)
11.   Don Gato - Tetuan (Flora Bengio)
12.   La Consagracion De Moises (Pessach) - Tetuan (Alicia Bendayan)
13.   Copla de Purim -Tangier (Henriette Benchimol)
14.   Copla de Purim - Casablanca (Marcel Cohen)
15.   El Debate De Las Frores (Tu B'Shvat) Gibraltar (Seti Benabu)
16.   El Rey Fernando En Francia+Dona Ruuaca Libera A Su Hermano (ballads of Spain) - Tetuan (Alicia Bendayan)
17.   Las Quejas De Jimena (Ballads of Spain) -Tetuan (Alicia Bendayan)
18.   Hermanas Reina Y Cautiva - Casablanca (Marcel Cohen)
19.   Preso Siete Anos Por Olvido - Arcila (Sultana Bengio)
20.   La Adultera + El Rapto De Elena - Tangier (Amada Avital)
21.   La Reina Adultera - Tangier (Henriette Benchimol)
22.   Arruinado Se Arroja Al Mar + La Infanta Parido (Ginette Benabu)
23.   Melisenda Insomne - Tetuan (Alicia Bendayan)

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