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Hadass Pal-Yarden
Yahudice - Yahudije : Urban Ladino Songs From Istanbul, Izmir, Thessalonica and Jerusalem

Order #: 01013
I was just sent a copy of a CD that is so unique, I have to share. It iscalled Yahudije (the name for the Ladino language of the Jewish people inOttoman times). The CD presents Ladino repertoire that deals with urbanmusic from Istanbul, Izmir, Thessalonika, and Jerusalem. The songs havebeen extensively researched by Hadass Pal-Yarden who is a singer and adoctoral student of Ethnomusicology. She has painstakingly researched thesesongs and preserved 14 of them on this CD in as authentic form aspossibleusing mostly Ottoman instruments and the typical clear, ornamental vocalstyle of this music. Not only is the music on the CD lovely and anhistorical record, but it comes with a book - written English, Turkish, Hebrew and Ladino - which contains 160 pages of educational material about each song, its style, background, audio archival sources, bibliography and discography and lyrics.For anyone who is a world music collector, lover of Sephardic music orsomeone who just wants to learn moreabout this music, this CD is a musthave for your collection. Review by Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
1.   Landariko - SungIn Hebrew, Hakitia and Ladino Versions
2.   Mi Chika Flora - Ladino and Greek* Versions (Hadass Pal-Yarden and *Stelyo Berber)
3.   Adon Haselihot (Hadass Pal-Yarden, Izzet Bana and Yaakov Taragano)
4.   En La Prision
5.   Al Dio Alto
6.   Ven Chika Nazlia
7.   Ir Me Kero Madre A Yerushalayim
8.   Triste Esta El Rey
9.   Mama Yo No Tengo Visto - Ladino and Hebew Version
10.   Sinko Anyos De Amistad
11.   Kante Katife - Sung in Hebrew, Ladino, *Greek, #Turkish Versions (Haddas Pall-Yarden with #Selim Guler and *Stelyo Berber)
12.   Nani Nani
13.   D'En Dia En Dia - Sung in Ladino and * Greek Versions (Hadass Pal-Yarden with *Stelyo Berber)
14.   Mansevo Dobro - Sung in Ladino and *Greek Versions ( Pal-Yarden with *Stelyo Berber )

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