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Order #: 01066
This amazing recording features some of the top Jewish women musicians and vocalists on the music scene today! The vocals are primarily in Yiddish and include one song in English and includes "Eyshes Chayil" in Hebrew. Naturarly, with such noted musicians, there would have to be included some instrumentals. MIKVEH consitsts of: *) Lauren Brody - a member of the Klezmer revival band "Kapelye". *) Adrienne Cooper - possibly the finest Yiddish vocalist today, Adrienne has been performed in theatre, film and the highly acclaimed CD, "Ghetto Tango". *) Margot Leverett - A protege of legendary Sid Beckerman, and one of the founding members of "The Klezmatics", her solo CD , the brilliant "Art of Klezmer Clarinet" is considred on the the finest recordings of "traditional" klezmer clarinet. *) Nicki Parrott - a noted double-bassists on the Jazz scene, has perfromed with many of the finest jazz musicians including Doc Cheatham, Clark Terry, and the all women big band, "Diva". *) Alicia Svigals - Afounding memeber of "The Klezmatics". Alicia has performed with Itzhak Perman on the "In the Fiddler's House" Cd and tour, as well as such diverse artsist as Allen Ginsburg, Robert Plant, and Jimmy Page. Her excellent solo recording, "Fidl" is a must inany Klezmer collection!
1.   Royz Royz
2.   Heart of The World
3.   Sorele's Bas Mitsveh
4.   A Gutn Ovent Brayne
5.   Borsht
6.   Gas Nign
7.   Vos Vet Zayn
8.   Di Fayerdike Like - Ay Ay Ay Mazl Tov
9.   Yosemame/Orphan Mama
10.   Eshes Chayil
11.   Mazl Tov
12.   Leyg Dayn Kop
13.   Di Arbuzn
14.   Baleboste Zisinke

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