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Ruth Rubin (Editor)
Jewish Life, The Old Country (Folkways Recording F-3801)

Order #: 01086
Originally released on Folkways Records. On this recording, Ruth Rubin captured songs from various Eastern European communities.The songs are sung by men and women who came to this country from villages, town and cities in Russia, Poland, White Russia,Galicia, Ukraine, and Bessarabia. They include childrens songs, lullabies, ballads, work and stuggle songs, Chassidic tunes, topical songs, songs of marriage and wedding tunes. They reflect various phases of the life of the Jews in the "old country", from the beinning of the 19th century to the mass migrations of the1880's and1890's to the New World. Included with this cassette is the 12 page insert that accompanied the original Folways record which include the lyrics in Yiddish, phonetic Yiddsh, and English.
1.   Am Kodoysh
2.   A, A Lyu Lyu
3.   Cheder-boys:Taunts From Galicia
4.   Vi Azoy S'Iz Nisht Git Tsu Geyn
5.   Henich's Vayb
6.   Hob Ich Mir A Shpan
7.   Ot Azoy Neyt A Shnayder
8.   A Redele Iz Di Gore Velt
9.   A Shadchen Darf Men Kenen Zayn
10.   Vos Vilsti Mitter Hobn
11.   Indroysn Iz Finster
12.   Fun gGroys Dasad
13.   Ich Lig Untere Grattes
14.   Quadrille
15.   Betler Lid
16.   Chassidic Song Without Words #1
17.   Chassidic Song Without Words #2
18.   Chassidic Song Without Words #3
19.   Az Moshiach Vet Kumen
20.   Zog Mir Mayn Shvester
21.   Vos Shloft Ir, Ir Shlefer
22.   Ver Es Hot In Blat gelezn
23.   Fraytik Inderfri
24.   Zayt Mire Gezint, Chovertes Ole ( )
25.   Forn Forstu Fun Mir Avek ( )
26.   Shlof Mayn Kind Mayn Treyst Mayn Sheyner ( )

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