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Various (Shuly Nathan, Ron Eliran, HaDudaim,Nama Hendel, Aric Lavie, etc)
Jerusalem of Gold & Jerusalem of Steel - 2 CDs

Order #: 01121
If any one album can be credited with opening up the world to Israeli music, then, "Jerusalem of Gold", sometimes referred to as the songs of the Six Day War, is the one. Released soon after the 6 Day War, the album became a huge commercial success in Jewish communities throughout the world. Though the title song was actually composed before the Six Day War, it soon became the "new anthem" as Israeli troops liberated The City of Gold.. This specially priced 2 CD set includes additional songs, not originally released on the original album--including Ron Eliran's version of “Jerusalem of Gold” and his hit recording of ‘Lach Yerushalayim”. The second CD in this set, “Jerusalem of Steel”, was the very successful follow up to Jerusalem of Gold and also featured the big hits of the era by the top Israeli artist. All the songs in this 31 song, 2 CD set are classic reminders of the History of Israel. A must for every Israeli music library.
1.   Jerusalme of Gold (Shuly Nathan)
2.   We Shall Pass ( Dudaim)
3.   Tomorrow (Machar) (Nama Hendel)
4.   Who Cares (Shimon Bar)
5.   Epistle To Nasser (Benny Berman)
6.   Sharm A Sheik (Ran Eliran)
7.   Nasser Waits For Rabin ( Dudaim)
8.   I've Got Your Letter (Nama Hendel)
9.   Reunion With The Reserves ( High Windows)
10.   No Other Songs (Benny Amdursky)
11.   Keep Your Fingers Crossed (Ron Eliran)
12.   Lach Yerushalayim (Ron Eliran)
13.   Yerushalayim Shel Bazel (Meyir Ariel)
14.   Jerusalem of Gold (Ron Eliron)
15.   Plus 17 more songs!

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