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Emil Zrihan - soloist
Premices - Orchestre Andalou D'Israel (The Israeli Andalusian Orchestra)

Order #: 01131
Bikurim (Premices) is the Hebrew word for the first ripe fruit that was given as a sacred gift to the temple priests in ancient times. This album is the first ripe debut recording of the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra for Magda label.The orchestra, directed by Dr. Avi Eilam-Amzallag, is dedicating itself to a long time process of researching and reviving the old musical tradition of North African Jews. Those Jews were living until the end of the 15th century in Muslim Spain, known by Arabs as Al-Andalous. The reign of Spanish king Ferdinand and queen Isabel was marked, along AmericaŐs discovery by Columbus, by the less optimist deportation of SpainŐs Jews who fled mostly to North African Muslim territories, as Morocco, Algiers and Tunisia.Their musicis what is played here. It is complexed and based on 24 different modal forms. Until this very day this form of traditional music was never written properly with notes. Writing the music is one of Dr. AmzallagŐs main contributions during the last years.Performing it is his way of life. Now, for the first time, this special traditional Oriental Jewish music is recorded properly and available for everyone.
1.   Touchia Hidjaz Lemashraki - Orchestral
2.   Koudam Istihalal (Emil Zrihan)
3.   Insaraff Koudam Elmaya (Emil Zrihan)
4.   Insaraff Koudam Itsbihan (Emil Zrihan)
5.   Basit Hidjaz Lekabir (Emil Zrihan)
6.   Touchia Istihalal - Orchestral

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