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Cover Shot
Lori Cahan-Simon Ensemble
Songs My Bubbe Should Have Taught Me: A Yiddish Passover
Holiday Songs
Order #: 01165
A Yiddishe Pesach, Vus Noch???This wonderful and unique recording features Lori Cahan-Simon with the talents of such renown musicians as Steven Greenman, Michael Alpert, and "Friends".The booklet gives detailed information on the artists, and the songs,and includes lyrics in phonetic Yiddish as well as English. Obviously this project was a labor of love. An Excellent recording!!!From the Booklet: Most of the songs in this collection are from the secular Haggadahs of the Yiddish School systems in America: the Workmen's Circle schools, the Sholem Aleichem schools, and the Labor-Zionist Farband schools. By the 1930s all three had extensive branches throughout the United States, and thousands of students who attended those schools remember these songs fondly. The poets and composers of these songs are among the finest that the Yiddish cultural world in general, and the Yiddish folkshul world in particular, has produced. Lori Cahan-Simon has done us a great service by bringing these songs togetheron one recording.......Dr. Itzik Gottesman, associate editor, Yiddish Forward
1.   Der Seyder
2.   Burikes
3.   Der Bekher (Tayer Malke)
4.   Shvimt Dos Kestl Afn Nil
5.   Dos Lid Fun Matse Bakn
6.   Di Fir Kashes ( Ma Nishtano)
7.   Avodim Hoyinu
8.   Miriams Gezang
9.   In Dem Land Fun Piramidn
10.   Eliyohu Hanovi
11.   Dayeynu
12.   Zog Maran
13.   Der Grester Yontev
14.   Peysakh Avek

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