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Abe Schwartz
Abe Schwartz: The Klezmer King

Order #: 01177
Composer, fiddler, and bandleader Abe Schwartz (1881-1963) defined the modern American klezmer ensemble. Working in the arena of mid-1920s recording, the young immigrant tuned the still primitive sound of Jewish music to a more sophisticated pitch. If outstanding soloists like Naftule Brandwein and Dave Tarras shared the spotlight of the klezmer revival, it was because Abe Schwartz was the man who gave them their start. First Time on CD!!
1.   Russishe Sher (Abe Schwartz's Orchestra)
2.   Chasidishe Nigunim ( Boibriker Kapelye)
3.   Die Reize Nuch Amerika (Abe Schwartz's Orchestra)
4.   Die Greene Cousine (Abraham Moskowitz)
5.   Russion Scissors ( Oriental Orchestra)
6.   Dovid'l Bazetzt Die Kaleh (Dave Tarras)
7.   Gelebt Und Gelacht (Phillip Greenberg)
8.   T'kias Shofar Blosen (Sam Beckerman)
9.   Hurra! Far Unzer Held Levine (Irving Grossman)
10.   Der Shtiller Bulgar ( Jewish Orchestra)
11.   roumanian Doina (Abe Schwartz & His Daughter)
12.   Zorg Nit Mama (Abe Schwartz's Orchestra)
13.   Hora Midor de Romania ( Unknown Orcherstra)
14.   Nit Die Hagode,Nor Die Kneidlech (Abraham Moskowitz)
15.   Frauen Liebe (Abe Schwartz Orchestra)
16.   Akdomes Un Af B'ri ( Boibriker Kapelye)
17.   Roumeinishe Doina (Naftule Brandwein)
18.   Der Automobile (Morris Goldstein)
19.   Yosel (Abe Schwartz's Orchestra)
20.   Galitzianer Tanzel (Sam Becherman)
21.   Die Boibriker Chasseneh ( Boibriker Kapelye)
22.   Russian Sher - National Dance ( Rrusskij Orkestr Novinka)
23.   Mameniu,Liubeniu (Abraham Moskowitz)
24.   Fihren Die Mechutonim Aheim (Naftule Brandwein)
25.   Lebedig Un Frehlach (Abe Schwartz's Orchestra)

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