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Cover Shot
Various - Adolphe Attia, Malkiel Benamara, Leon Cohen and Didier Kassabi-Directed by Herve Rotten
Music of the Synagogue of Bordeaux in The Portuguese Sephardic Tradition

Order #: 01292
This CD is devoted to the Portuguese rite, long considered the only Sephardic rite in France, but also practised in the Jewish communities of Amsterdam, Livourne, London and New York. For the 120th anniversary of the main synagogue in Bordeaux, France, a male choir was restored, with the help of the musicologist Hervé Rotten, with four cantors familiar with the Portuguese rite: Adolphe Attia, Malkiel Benamara, Léon Cohen,Didier Kassabi, and Choirs.
1.   B'yom (Didier Kassbi)
2.   Shabbat : Adonay Malach Geut Labash (Psalm 93) (Leon Cohen)
3.   Hamak (Choir Orfeo)
4.   Ra'u Banim (Adolphe Attia, Malkiel Benamara & Men's Choir)
5.   Passover: Vayehi Binsoa (Adophe Attia & Men's Choir)
6.   Kaddish (Adolphe Attia)
7.   Mizmor L'David (Didier Kassabi)
8.   Yimoch - Psalm 146 (Adolphe Attia)
9.   Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur: Hashkiveinu (Malkiel Benamara)
10.   Ay Sha'ar Ratson (Leon Cohen)
11.   Keter (Adolphe Attia)
12.   Shofar Calls
13.   Hayom Harat Olam ( Men's Choir)
14.   Limnot Yamenu ( Orfeo Choir)
15.   Lag Baomer, Tisha B'av, Shavuot & Simchat Torah: Y A Vois Benignos Senores (Sung In Spanish) (Christian Morin & Children's Choir)
16.   Bore Ad Ana (La Paloma) - Sung in Hebrew and Spanish (Leon Cohen and Men's Choir)
17.   Tenu Oz (Didier Kassabi)
18.   Cantate De Simchat Torah ( Men's & Children's Choir)
19.   Songs for Children's Religious Initiation ( Men's & Children's Choirs)
20.   Wedding: Boruch Haba (Malkiel Benamara & Choir)
21.   B'Simon Tov (Didier Kassabi and Choirs)

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