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Abayudaya: Music From The Jewish People of Uganda

Order #: 01302
Abayudaya: Music From the Jewish People of Uganda presents a unique collection of African - Jewish music in which the rhythms and harmonies of Africa blend with Jewish celebration and traditional Hebrew prayer. The repertoire is rooted in local Ugandan music and infused with rich choral singing, Afro-pop, , and traditional drumming. the repertoire includes lullabies, political and children's songs, religious rituals, hymns, and celebratory music with song texts in Hebrew, English, and several Ugandan languages. this singular community of African people living committed Jewish lives has survived persecution and isolation and asserts, "We have been saved by our music.The CD booklet includes a history of the Abayudaya Jews and includes somephotos. A rare look into a community that is now finally being recognized by the Jewish world.
1.   Psalm136
2.   Hiwumbi Awumba - (G-d Creates And Then Destroys)
3.   Mwana Talitambula ( The Child Will Never Walk)
4.   Mwana, Ngolera (Baby, Keep Quiet)
5.   Tulo, Tulo (Sleep, Sleep)
6.   I Am A Soldier
7.   Mi Khamokhah (Who Is Like You, Oh G-d)
8.   Kabbila (The Patch of forest)
9.   Twagala Torah (We Love Torah)
10.   We Are Happy
11.   Adon Olam (Master of The Universe)
12.   Lekhah Dodi (Come By Beloved)
13.   Psalm 92
14.   Psalm 93
15.   Kiddush And Motzi (Sabbath Blessing Over Wine and Bread)
16.   Psalm 121
17.   Maimuna
18.   Ali Omu Yekka (My Only One)
19.   Psalm 150
20.   Deuteronomy 32:8 (Song Two-Selection)
21.   Psalm 130

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