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Cover Shot
Various - Barry Sisters, Max Perlman, Feder Sisters, Shifra Lerrer, Mike Burstein, Israel Itzhaki an
Tanz Mit Mir - Yiddish Ballroom Dance - 2 CD Set

Order #: 01335
This wonderful compilation consists of 2 Cds. CD 1 consists of 20 Yiddish vocal selections in tango, cha-cha, waltz, rumba, swing, mambo and twist dance styles. All the songs are performed by top Yiddish artists from around the world including the FederSisters, Max Perlman, Shifra Lerrer, Mike Burstein and many more. Included in the selctins is Mike Burstein's classic,"Der Chassidishe Twist"! The second CD consists of 20 famous Yiddish melodies performed instrumentally for dancing. Whether for listening or dancing, this compilation will keep your feet moving for a long time. Special 2 CD set for the price of 1 disc!
1.   CD#1: Tango Appasionate (Kiss of Fire) - Tango (Mary Soriano)
2.   Einem Gelingt, Es Der Anderen Nisht - Waltz (Max Perlman)
3.   Shein Vi Di Levone - Rumba ( Barry Sisters)
4.   Mein Rebbe Ken Machen - Swing (Israel Itzhaki)
5.   Tzu Bin Ich Mehsuge - Fox-trot (Yaakov Bodo)
6.   Vincht Mir A Bissele Glick - Waltz (Yaakov Sandler)
7.   Das Goldene Steigale - English Waltz (Rosita Londner)
8.   Habibale - Cha-cha (Shifra Lerrer)
9.   Aza Mezel Hot Rabi Yidl - Fox-trot (Max Perlman)
10.   Ich Vil Zich Shpilen - Cha-Cha (Israel Itzhaki)
11.   A Shed Deyn Treren - Tango (Shirfa Lerrer)
12.   Der Chassidisher Twist - Twist (Mike Burstein)
13.   Zing Feigele Zing - english Waltz ( Feder Sisters)
14.   Ch'vil Eibik Dich Gedenken - Tango (Peysach Burstein and Lilian Lux)
15.   Chaye Sha - Fox-trot (Israel Itzhaki)
16.   In Altz Iz Shuldik Der Waltz - Waltz (Shimon Osevitzki)
17.   Miami Beach Rumba - Rumba (Seymour Rechtzeit)
18.   Das Leiben Geyt Farbey - English Waltz (Max Perlman)
19.   Kukaracha,Samba, Rumba ( Burstein Family)
20.   Ahava, Dos Heist Liebe - Tango (Max Perlman)
21.   CD #2: Instrumental- Bei Mir Bistu Shein - Twist
22.   Ich Hob Dich Tzufil Lieb - Klez-Tango
23.   Hava Nagila - Twist
24.   Shein Vi Di Levone - Cha Cha
25.   Tzena Tzena - Fox-trot
26.   Anniversary Waltz
27.   Oif'n Pripetchok - Cha Cha
28.   Chosen Kale Mazel Tov - Hora
29.   Rumania Rumania - Hora
30.   Rozhinkes Mit Mandler - Twist
31.   Di Grinne Kuzine - Tango
32.   Bublitchki - Cha Cha
33.   Feilachs Bey Macht - Hora
34.   Oy,Mamme Bin Ich Farliebt - Mambo
35.   Der Ersheter Waltz
36.   Vos Iz Geven - Marangue
37.   Glik, Du Bist Gekomen Tzu Shpeyt - Passodoble
38.   Papirosen - Mambo
39.   Mein Shteltle Belz - Slow Rumba
40.   Yiddishe Mamme - Slow Sumba

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