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Cover Shot
Abraham Lopes Cardozo
The Western Sephardi Liturgical Tradition (Potuguese -Sephardic Liturgy)

Order #: 01350
This beautiful Deluxe edition consists of a 39 selection CD and 110 page hard-cover booklet--in English and Hebrew--consisting of Shabbat, High Holidays, The Three Festivals, Tish B'Av, Simchat Torah, and Cicucisions & Wedding selections by the renown cantor, Abraham Lopes Cardozo, in the Portuguese Liturgical tradition.Abraham Lopes Cardozo has served three Spanish and Portuguese communities in his capacity as Hazzan - Amsterdam, Paramaribo (Surinam) , and four decades in New York.From the EnclosedBook: The Western Sephardi Diaspora began its development in the mid 16th century when Spanish and Portuguese Jews, who had been forced to convert to Christianity during the previous two centuries, returned to Judaism in considerable numbers. Before that time, many of the conversos flew to North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean countries. There they joined the large communities that had been established by the Sephardi Jews who were expelled from the Iberian Peninsula in 1492 and 1497. Yet many others moved gradually to Western Europe and established flourishing communities in Northern Italy (Venice, Ferrara and later-on in Livorno) and southeastern France (Bayonne and Bordeaux). Communities were subsequently formed in the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Germany (Hamburg) and England (London). Finally, Western European colonial expansion led to the establishment of Sephardi communities in Northern Brazil, Surinam, and the Caribbean and later on in North America. These communities are referred to as Western Sephardi in order to distinguish them from those of North Africa and the Ottoman Empire in the Eastern Mediterranean. Another designation for these congregations is “Spanish-Portuguese” or simply “Portuguese” Jews according to the labels they used to define themselves.
1.   Shabbat: Lecha Dodi
2.   Hashkivenu
3.   Yom Hashishi
4.   Tzur Mishelo Achlanu
5.   Kol Beru'e Ma'ala U'mata
6.   Qamti Lehallel Leshem Hael Hanichbad
7.   Yidgal Elohim Chai
8.   Im Tashiv (Kiddush Shel Shabbat)
9.   Halleluya Halleli Nafshi (Psalm 146)
10.   Nishmat Kol Chai
11.   Az Yashir Moshe (Song of The Sea; Exodus15 - Amsterdam Version)
12.   Az Yashir Moshe (Song of The Sea; Exodus 15 - New York Version)
13.   Yitgadal Ve'Yitkadash
14.   Naqdishach Ve Na'aritzach
15.   Yevarechecha
16.   Va'ya'al Moshe Me'arbot Mo'ab (Deuteronomy 34)
17.   Mizmor Le David (Psalm 29)
18.   Keter
19.   High Holidays: Ben Adam Mah Lecha Nirdam
20.   Atanu Lechalot Panecha
21.   Achot Qetannah
22.   Shema Qoli
23.   Et Sha'are Ratzon
24.   Kol Nidrei
25.   Three Festivals: Miyom Qadmon
26.   Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs 1: 1-4)
27.   Lecha L'Shalom Geshem
28.   Hallelu Et Adonay Kol Goyim
29.   Ha Lachama Aniya
30.   Mi Hacham Veyishmor Eleh - Kaddish and Barechu
31.   Halellu Et Adoay Kol Goyim
32.   Kiddush for The Three Festivals
33.   Nith of Av: Divre Yermiyahu (Jeremiah 1:1-9)
34.   Alechem Eda Kedoshah
35.   Eicha Yashvah Badad (Lamentations 1:1-4 and 5:21)
36.   Kumi Ve-sifdih Torah
37.   Simchat Torah: Amen Amen Shem Nora
38.   Circumcisions and Weddings: Beruchim Atem Kehal Emmunai
39.   Sheva Berachot

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