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Hassidic Tunes Of Dancing And Rejoicing (Folkways Recording F-4209)

Order #: 01352
A production of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Jewish Music Research Centre,released as Folkways Records # 4209, now avaialbe for the first time on Compact Disc. This recording consists of "authentic" tunes - vocal and instrumental - from various Chassidic groups in Israel. Included, is the original 12 page insert consisting of detailed descriptions of all the selections and the communities, in Hebrew and English. This is a unique historic document of Chassidic music.
1.   A) Wallensteinh's Niggun - AMeron Tune B) Hora Dance Tune (Moshe Musa Berlin-Recorded Lag Ba'Omer: Halaqah ceremony at tomb of Rabbi Simeon Bar Yohay)
2.   Srting of Meron Tunes: Vocal Imitation of Instrumental Music ( Recorded at Bratslav Yeshiva, Bene Berak)
3.   Dance Tunes - Lag Ba Omer: a) Amar Rabbi Akiva b) Wa-amartem Koh Le-hay
4.   Turkish Tune - Perfomed at Tomb o fRabbi Yohanan the Shoemaker (Yehoshua Rubinstein and Daniel Bergstein (with Drumming) - Braslav Yeshiva)
5.   Schaeffer's Niggun - Meron Dance Tune - Recorded Jerusalem, outgoing of Simchat Torah.
6.   Tune For Leading the Bridegroom - Sung and recoded in the home of Slonim Hassidim inTiberias
7.   Mazltov (Hosn, Kale, Mazltov ) Recorded at wedding of the Rabbi of Lelow's Granddaugher in Ramat Gan
8.   T'hies Ha'meysim : played at hassidic Weddings and Lag B'Omer Celebreation at Meron (Moshe Musa Berlin and Avraham Segal)
9.   Slow Hora - Instrumental (Moshe Musa Berlin and Avraham Segal)
10.   Yearning Tune : Chabad Chassidim (Rabbi Samuel Zalmenov - singing at his home)
11.   Jester's Tune - Sung by the Badchan -Recorded at wedding of brother of Rabbi of Kretchnev, Rehovot (Josef Greenwald and Guests)
12.   Rejoicing Tune (Rabbi Mendel Brichto - Singing at His Home)
13.   Dance Tune
14.   Waltz of The Modzitz Chassidim (Rabbi Avraham Weingarten (Zand Chassid) Singing at His Home)
15.   Mitsve Tants - a) Misod Hakamim b) Ya'amod c) Bore Olam Beqinyan (Avraham Bord ( Zand Chassid) and Guests at a Chassidic Wedding)
16.   Dance Tune (Moshe Musa Berlin, Avraham Segal, Binyamin Barzevsky, Aharom Heshin)

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