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The Hasidic Niggun As Sung By The Hasidim (2 CD Set w/ Book) - Various Chassidic

Order #: 01373
Consisting of a 2 CD Deluxe edition with 160 page hard cover book in Hebrew and English, this wonderful compilation consists of Chassidic tunes, nigunim, from the various Chassidic communities in Israel. These ‘field’ recordings were made at actual weddings, bar-mitzvot, and other celebrations. Most of the selections are performed without instrumental accompaniment except for a few at wedding ceremonies. An especially unique selection (Disc 2, track 3) “March” is credited to Mendel Brichot and his Daughters and was recorded at the dedication of a private home, which is not a traditional Chassidic event. From the Book: “The recording proves conclusively that the prohibition on hearing a woman singing is not understood in its strict sense in Chassidicsociety, but depends on circumstances...He (Mendel) liked to sing the Sabbath table zemirot together with em, and only rarely were they asked not to join their father, or to sing along with him only ‘sotto voce’ ”.This package is another in the series by The Jewish Music Research Center in Jerusalem and as with all their recordings a true documentary of the rich heritage of the Jewish committees. A very important production.
1.   CD #1: Ruzhin Niggun
2.   Rejoicing Niggun of Gur Hassidim
3.   Shalom Aleichem
4.   Dance Niggun of Viznitz #1
5.   Dance Niggun of Viznitz #2
6.   Atkinu Se'udata & Mizmore L-David
7.   Berl's Niggun
8.   Badchones (Jesting) At The Wedding Reception
9.   Rejoicing Niggun of Lubavich Chassidim
10.   Niggun shalosh Tenu'ot (Lubavich) (Samuel Zalmanoff)
11.   Waltz Niggun - Lecha Dodi (Avraham Weingarten)
12.   Rejoicing Niggun - Lo Tevoshi (Mendel Brichto)
13.   Niggun of Devequt of Lubavich Chassidim ( Chabad Youth Choir - Jerusalem)
14.   Zame'ah Lech Nafshi - Hebrew - Ukranian Lubavich (Eliyahu Kum)
15.   Melody for Ke'vaqkarat Ro'eh 'Edro - Sanz Dynasty (Alexander Uri and Sons)
16.   Shir Lama'alot Essa Einai - Bobov (Zevi Mastboim)
17.   Yevanim Nikbezu Alay ( Comminity Singing at the Tish, Last Day of Chanukah)
18.   Badchones (Jesting) During the Mitzve Tants - Inviting The Rabbeq (Yosef Greenwald (badchn at wedding 1971)))
19.   Omar Shirah - Sanz Chassidim for Simhat Torah (Zevi Mastboim)
20.   Medley of Meron Tunes -Vocal Imitation of Instrumental Music ( Various Signers)
21.   Elohei Haruhot Hoshiahna (Zevi Mastoboim)
22.   Ayeh Meqom Kevodo - Viznitz ( Three Young Viznitz Chassidim with instrumental accompanimnet)
23.   Waltz Niggun - Ki Anu Ammecha ( Choir of Gur Chassidim)
24.   Disc #2: Dance Niggun of the Boyan Chassidim ( Community Singing, Tish on the 3rd Intermediate Day of Sukkot)
25.   Niggun for Hitva'adu / Niggun of Devqut - Lubavich (Eliyahu Kum)
26.   March ( Mendel Brichto and is Daughtyers - Jerusalem 1972)
27.   Berach Dodi Ad She'Techpaz (Zevi Mastboim)
28.   Ahava Olam ( Viznitz Choir with Orchestra)
29.   Niggun of The Maggid of Mizhirech - Bratslav (Menahem, Moshe and Shimon Anshi, Elyokum Gelbach, Moshe Villenstock & Raphael Ben Ami)
30.   Yearning Niggun - Lubavich (Samuel Zalmanoff)
31.   Rejoicing Niggun of Lubavich Chassidim / Freylechs ( Chabad Youth Choir)
32.   Pan-Chassidic Niggun of Devukus (Avraham Weingarten)
33.   Badchones At The Wedding Reception ( Yakob with Keyboard by Leib Rigler. Recorded by Moshe 'Musa' Berlin)
34.   Pan - Chassidic Rejoicing Niggun ( Communirtysinging, Tish on 15th of Shevat - Jerusalem 1991)
35.   Ki Hinneh Kachomer - Lubavich (Shalom Brochstadt)
36.   Dance Niggun of Lubavich Chassidim (Eliyahu Kum)
37.   Oz V'Hara Levushah - Bratslav
38.   Dance Niggun of Karlin Chassidim (Avraham Weingarten)
39.   Badchones During the Mitsve T;ants - Inviting The Uncle (Yosef Greenwald - Badchn)
40.   Varshever Marsh - Dance Niggun ( CommunitySinging)
41.   Es Meg Zayn Choyshech (Eliyahu Kum at Chabbad Synagogue Old City of Jerusalem)
42.   Rejoicing Niggun - Dror Yikra (Avraham Weingarten)
43.   Yismach Yisrael B'osav ( Community Singing, Tish of 15th Shevat)
44.   Tal Yaasis - Official Version of a Lubavich Niggun in The Chassidic-cCantorial style. (Shumel Bezalel)
45.   Loy Sevoyshi, Di Eydo Hakdoysho - Yiddish Song of The Bobover Chassidim (Zevi Mastboim)
46.   4 Mitsve-tants at A Jerusalem Chassidic Wedding (Avraham Burd and Congregatin at Wedding of is Son)
47.   March Tune for Lecha Dodi ( Choir of Gur Chassidim)

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