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Cover Shot
Shalom Berlinski with Choir
La Voix De La Ferveur - The Voice of Fervor

Order #: 01378
This 2 CD set by Cantor Shalom Berlinski, captures the liturgy of the Grande Synagogue De La Victoire, the most prestigious Synagogue in France. Born in 1918 in Radom Poland, he joined the choir at the Great Synagogue in Warsaw when he was only 8 yearsold. The Family moved to France in 1929 and during the war, he joined the Resistance. In 1948, he was appointed Cantor of the Synagogue De La Victoire, where he was to remain for 31 years, and became one of the most sought after Cantors in France. Consisting of selections from various holidays as well as Chassidic selections, Berlinsky is accompanied by a mixed 32 voice choir from Radio France. This beautiful specially priced 2 CD set is the 3rd in a series by the Foundation Du Judaisme Francais.Other recordings in this series available from Hatikvah Music: *Musiques De La Synagogue De Bordeaux* http://www.hatikvahmusic.com/cgi-bin/details.pl?key=1292 *Musiques Judeo-Francaise From the 18th and 19th Century* http://www.hatikvahmusic.com/cgi-bin/details.pl?key=1337
1.   SHABBAT: Lecha Dodi - Composer: Samuel Naumbourg
2.   Tzadik Katomor
3.   Adonay Malach
4.   Hashkiveynu - Composer: Don Aronovitz
5.   Veshomeru - Composer Samuel naumbourg
6.   Kiddush - Composer: Jules Franck
8.   Bimbam
9.   Chassidic Nigun
10.   Sha, Shtill
11.   SHABBAT-SATURDAY MORNINNG - Ano Avdo - Composer: Zalman Rivline
12.   Kedusha - Composer: Salomon Rossi
14.   Ani Maamin
15.   El Mole Rahamim
16.   Yoshev Beseter Elyon - Composer: Samuel Naumbourg
17.   THREE FESTIVALS : Kaddish - Composer: Maurice Ravel
18.   Boruch Ato
19.   PURIM: Cantate D'Esther - Composer: Leon Algazi
20.   HIGH HOLIDAYS: Adirei: Composer: Samuel David
21.   Vayehi Binsoa - Composer: Jules Franck
22.   Adoshem Adoshem - Composer: Samuel Naumbourg
23.   Shema
24.   Ouvechein
25.   Onesane Tokef - Composer: Samuel David
26.   Berosh Hashono - Composer: Samuel Naumbourg
27.   Ki Keshimecho - Composer: Samuel David
28.   Oleynu - Composer: Samuel Naumbourg
29.   Kol Nidre
30.   Ovinu Malkeinu
31.   Ono Tovo/ Oshamnu - Composer: Jules Franck
32.   Vehakohanim

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