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Zrkor L'Adot Yisrael - A Comparative Compilation of Sephardic Liturgy

Order #: 01393
This CD permits the listener to compare the differences of the vairous selections as performed by the various communities/congregations in Israel. Example; there are 5 different versions of ÒYigdal Elokim Chai : Example: Sephardic, Sephardic - Yerushalami, Moroccan, Bulgarian, Sephardic with Choir. The twenty one selections feature mostly Sepharidc songs, but there is also Ashkenazi and Yemenite on this wonderful recording. Includes booklet in Hebrew.
1.   Yigdal Elokim Chai - Sephardic (Avraham Perera)
2.   Yigdal Elokim Chai - Sehpardic - Jerusalm ( Choir of Nezach Israel School)
3.   Yigdal Elokim Chai - Moroccan (Mordechai Buzaglo)
4.   Yigdal Elokim Chai: Sephardic - Mudic: Ya'akov Levy (Ya'akov Cohen Choir)
5.   Yigdal Elokim chai - Bulgarian ( Sinay Synagogue, Jaffa)
6.   Adon Olam - Salonika (Ya'akov Zadikario)
7.   Adon Olam - Babylon (Iraqi) ( Group of Cantors)
8.   Adon Olam - Sephardic Portuguese Congregation (Avraham Beniso)
9.   Shalom Aleichem - Ashkenzi ( Choir Conducted by Chaim Hirsch)
10.   Shalom Aleichem (David Lori)
11.   Yom Hashabat - Babylonian (Iraqi) (Moshe Mualem and group of Cantors)
12.   Dror Yikra : Sephardic - Jerusalem (Chaim Parchi)
13.   Dror Yikra - Cochin (India) ( Women's Group From Nevatim)
14.   Dror Yikra : Sephrdic - Jerusalem (Beni Cohen Avia and Ezra Barnea)
15.   Nagila Halleluya ( Magen David Choir)
16.   Tzur Mishelo: Sephardic- Jerusalem (Beni Cohen Aviad and Ezra)
17.   Ashorer Shira: Moroccan Et Hazamir
18.   Hamavdil: Sephardic - Jerusalem (Beni Cohen Aviad and Ezra)
19.   Yozer Miyado: Moroccan (Mordechai Buzaglo)
20.   Lener Ulivshamim: Yemen ( B'ney Teyman Group, Kiryat Ono)
21.   Medley: Tzur Mishelo, Yigdal, Hamavdil ( Choir)

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