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Ran Eliran & Nama Handel (Ron Eliran & Nehama Handel)
Ran and Nama (Ron and Nama) 2 CD Set

Order #: 01449
This long awaited compilation by the famous duo consists of 40 Israeli folk songs including songs from their American releases..Donkey Debka, and Sabra...on Elektra Records. The duo is accompanied only with acoustic guitar. Highly recommended authentic Israeli folk music lovers.In 1958,Israeli artists, Ron Eliran & Nema Handel, were were introduced to American audiences by their appearance on the Ed Sullivan showperforming, Tzena Tzena. Their Hebrew recordings were released in the US on Elektra Records as well as a folk music recording on Columbia records. Their popularity in Israel made them two of the most popular singers in their country as a duo and individually. Ron Eliran became an international singing star when his version of Sharm A Sheikwas included in the 1967 album, Jerusalem Of Gold. He went on to record numerous hits inlcuding Lach Yerushalayim and Lo, Lo,Lo, and was then signed to Decca Records in the US. His Popularity in the United States was such that he became a regular on theAmerican folk music circuit where he is still in great demand today. A 20 song CD of ..Ron Eliran Greatest Hits is also available from Hatikvah Music. ...... Nehama Handel (1936 - 1998) possesed on the the most beautiful voices in Israel. She became world famous with her smash hit - Machar- (composed by Naomi Shemer) featured on the Jerusalem of Gold album. She recorded many hits and introduced many of Naomi Shemers songs , recording solo, and with many of the top artist, including Shli Nathan. Nehama Handel not only recorded in Hebvrew, but in Yiddish as well and was one of the artists included on a beautiful Yiddish compilation ... Songs of The Vilna Ghetto..for CBS Records in Israel,which, unfortunately is now out of print. A 2 CD set compilation, containing 48 song ... The Best of Nehama Handel...is now available from Hatikvah Music.

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