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Leo Fuld
Leo Fuld Sing His Greatest Yiddish Hits - Vi Ahin Zol Ich Geyn

Order #: 01477
Available for the first time on CD, the ORIGINAL versions of the Best of Leo Fuld. Many of these songs have never been available since their original release on 78 rpm recordings. Included in this compilation you will find many of Fuld's original hit compositions in Yiddish as well as 2 songs that he composed in honor of the young state of Israel in Hebrew!The booklet notes were written by Mike Burstyn, who as a young child in the Yiddish Theatre, befriended Fuld. This CD is a must have for all Yiddish Music fans.Prior to WWII, Leo Fuld was one the the most popular recording and concert artists in Europe. Possessing an instantaneously recognizable voice, Fuld recorded throughout Europe in many languages, including Yiddish, German, Hebrew, French, and Dutch.While in exile in England like so many of his Dutch contrymen, he learned that his family was killed in Aushwitz, and refused to ever sing again. It was while visiting the DP camps in Europe that he was handed a song 'Vi Ahin Zol Ich Geyn" that he promised to record. Fuld is credited as co-writer of this song which he made into an international hit. Fuld would eventually sing the song on such American radio shows as The Frank Sinatra Show, The Milton Berle Show and the Perry Como Show and otherartists such as Ray Charles and Steve Lawrence were to record his song. Among his greatest fans were such stars as Al Jolson and Edith Piaf. His career after the war once again made his name popular throught the Jewish world, and on the most prestigiousnight club and concert stages.
1.   Ich Zing
2.   Zigany Melody
3.   Oif'n Pripitchik
4.   Dos Pintele Yid
5.   Vos Vet Zayn Az Meshiach Vet Kumen
6.   Belz
7.   Roumanishe Kretche
8.   Glick
9.   A Poylish Yidl
10.   Alte Zigainer
11.   Mein Shtetl
12.   Mazel
13.   Vi Ahin Zol Ich Geyn (Where Can i Go?)
14.   Hebrew Chant (Omar Rabbi Eliezer) - Cantorial
15.   A Letter To Mother-A Brievele Der Mamme (English & Yiddish)
16.   You're The Sweetest In The Land (Sung to the melody of Maoz Tzur )
17.   Ha Zemer V'Halom (Hebrew and English)
18.   L'Artzi (Hebrew & English)

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