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Theodore Bikel
Theodore Bikel: Songs Of Russia Old & New / Songs Of A Russian Gypsy (2 Albums on 1 CD)

Order #: 01498
At Last, these two classic Russian and Russian Gypsy recordings are available on on compact disc. Though the album Russian Gypsy had been avaible for a very short period of time on CD, Songs of Russia Old & New has not been in print since it's release on vinyl. At the time of it's release on Elektra Records, Songs of A Russian Gypsy was not only Bikel's biggest selling recording up to that time, but the best selling album on the Elektra label to that date. So why are these recordings on a Jewish Musicweb site? From Jac Holzman former owner of Elektra Records and producer of these recordings: There had been no Russian material rleased. There were many number of Jews who had come to the United States from Russia. The peopole who bought that record were primarily descended Russian Jews, and some of them who had parents or grandparents who were still alive bought if for them. A wonder and important compilation consisting of 28 songs!
1.   SONGS OF RUSSIA: Pomnyu Ya
2.   Yamshchik Gani-Ka K Yaru
3.   Noch Tikha
4.   Pilso Bylo Lyublyatse
5.   Gari Gari Maya Zvyezda
6.   Chupchik
7.   Vyecherny Zvon
8.   SONGS OF NEW RUSSIA: At Volgi Da Dona
9.   Talyanochka
10.   Padmaskovniye Vyechera
11.   Padrushka Milaya
12.   Katiusha
13.   Pravazhanye
14.   Tyomnaya Noch
15.   Beryuzoviye Kalyechke
16.   Yekhali Tsigane
17.   Dve Gitari
18.   Kagda Ya Pyann
19.   Svyetit Myesats
20.   Kak Stranno
21.   Nichevo, Nichevo, Nichevo (From the 20th Century Fox Ilm Fraulein)
22.   Chto Mnye Gorye
23.   Dyen I Noch
24.   Metyelitsa
25.   Snilsya Mnye Sad
26.   Karobushka
27.   Karabli
28.   Sudarinya

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