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Symposium Musicum Kuhn Chamber Soloists
Salamone Rossi:The Songs of Solomon - 2 CDs
Order #: 00467
This beautiful 2 CD set contains 33 selections composed by Salamon Rossi in 1622-1623. Included are 6 compositions for three voices, 5 for four voices, 8 for five voices, 5 for six voices, 1 for seven voices, and 8 for eight voices. "Set to biblical and"" otherreligious Hebrew and Aramaic texts, this set comes with 2 booklets; one printed with the lyrics in Hebrew, and the other containing English translation of all the selections and a biography of the composer."
1.   Kaddish
2.   Shir Hamma'alot, Ashrei Kol Y're Adonai
3.   Borchu
4.   Mizmor L'asaf, Ilohim Nitstsav Ba'adat El
5.   Lamnatseach Al Hashminit Mizmor
6.   Ele Moadei Adonai
7.   K'dusha
8.   Elohim Hashivenu
9.   Lamnatsteach Binginot Mizmore Shir
10.   Mizmore L'Toda
11.   Hashkivenu
12.   Kaddish
13.   Shir Hamma'alot, B'Shuv Adonai
14.   Shir Lamma'alot, Essa Einai
15.   Y'Susum Midbar
16.   Shir Hamma'alot, Ashrei Kol Y're Adonai
17.   Shir Hamma'alot L'David, Lulei Adonai
18.   Odcha Ki'anitani
19.   Baruch Haba B'Shem Adonai
20.   Mizmor L'David, Havu Ladonai B'nei Elim
21.   Eptah Na S'fatai
22.   Ein Keloheinu
23.   Efta Shir bisfatai
24.   Yigdal
25.   Haleluyah, Ashrei Ish Yare Et Adonai
26.   Haleluyah, Ode Ladonai
27.   Mizmor shir L'Yom Hashabbat
28.   L'mi Ehpots
29.   Al Naharot bavel
30.   Haleluyah Haleli Nafshi Et Adonai
31.   Shir Hamma'alot, Ashrei Kol Y're Adonai
32.   Lamantseah Al Hagitit Mizmor L'David
33.   Adon Olam

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