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Cover Shot
Yitzhak Navon
Out of Spain 1942 - Jerusalem Which Was In Spain

Order #: 00493
A Journery Through Spain with The Fifth President of Istael, Yitzhak Navon. This4 Video set,containing almost 8 hours of the fascinating history of the Jews of Spain. Part 1 (Two Videos)a) The Spanish Connection -Yitzhak Navon strays from the beaten path and reveals some amazing discoveries in places not found on tourist maps.b) The Golden Age - How the Jews of Spain emerged from their anonymity and developed the world's foremost Jewish spiritual center of the Middle Ages.c) The Balance of Terror - The rise and fall of the Jews in Christian Spaind) The Marranos and The Inquisition - The Inquisition's reign of terror. Part 2 (Two Videos)a) 1492 - Y.Navon glimpses behind the scenes of the year 1492, tracing the footsteps of Don Avraham Seneor, the Royal Rabbi. He uncovers the role of the Marranos in the discovery of America and tackles the question that concerns so many Spaniards: Was Columbus a Jew?b) The Crypto-Jews of Portugal(A) - The Marranos of Portugal resisted the Inquisition with far more vigor and persistence than their Spanish counterparts. In fact, since the 16th century, nearly all outstanding personalities among the Marranos were of Portuguese origin.c) The Crypto-Jews of Portugal(B) -The Crypto-Jews of Portugal - 250 years after the conversion of the Jews of Portugal, the Inquisition continues the persecution of their descendants. d) The Eternal Jews Of Majorca - The 'Chuetas', the Marranos of Majorca, are not crypto-Jews; their forefathers abandoned Judaism 300 years ago. Although they consider themselves to be solid, loyalChristians, they are still called Jews--and hated as Jews--by their neighbors.This series is a must for any Jewish library.

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