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Gaon (Romanic Ballads) & Various Artists ( Romancero)
Romantic Ballads:Judeo Espanol Heritage & Romancero Judeo-Espagnol - 2CD s

Order #: 00885
CD # 1."Romantic Ballads from The Great Judeo-Espanol Tradition" by Yehoram Gaon. This classic recording ,featuring the most famuliar Ladino songs, includes the lyrics in both Ladino and in Hebrew. Arranged and conducted by Dov Selzer.CD #2. "RomanceroJudeo Espagnol" songs from The Anthology of Sephardic Liturgy And The Book Of Romances by Isaac Levy. This beautifuly staged presentation includes Sephardic songs in both Hebrew and Ladino. The performers feature,Yehoram Gaon, Rema Samsonov, and Yossi Banai and The Zadikoff choir. The Narration was written by former Israeli Prime minister, Yitzhak Navon. Available for the first time on CD.
1.   Romantic Ballads (by Yehoram Gaon): Avre Tu Puerta
2.   Tres Hermanicas Eran
3.   Durme Durme
4.   Adios Querida
5.   Los Bilbilcos
6.   Durme Mi Angelico
7.   Povereta Muchachica
8.   Avre Este Abajour
9.   La Serena
10.   Noches Noches
11.   Arvoles
12.   Cuando El Rey Nimrod
13.   Romancero: Overture
14.   Tsur Mishelo
15.   Rabbi Klonimu (Narration) (Yossi Banai)
16.   Mizmor Le'David ( Choir)
17.   Tsel Lo Tsel (Rema Semsonov)
18.   Yigdal Elohim Chai (Yehora Gaon)
19.   Ir Me Quero Madre A Yerushalayim (Rema Semsonov and Yossi Banai)
20.   Povereta Muchachica (Yehoram Gaon)
21.   Bar Yochai
22.   Durme (Yael) (Rema Samsonov)
23.   Zahara (Yehoram Gaon and Yossi Banai)
24.   Adon Ha'Slichot (Yossi Banai and Choir)
25.   Shalosh Hen B'not Hapele (Yehoram Gaon)
26.   Hamavdil (Yehoram Gaon)
27.   Bat Galim (Rema Samsonov)
28.   Simchat Tora Songs

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