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Cover Shot
Cindy Paley
Celebrate With Cindy - Jewish Holiday Music For Children ( 2 CD set )
Children's Songs
Holiday Songs
Order #: 00904
This delightful holiday song collection features 2 recordings totalling 54 songs of all the major holidays for kids: Chanukah, Pessach, Purim, Yom Hamatzmeaot, Lag B'omer,etc. The Cd collection includes songbook of lyrics. Booklets are available for the cassettes for an additional $2.50 for the set.
1.   Tapuchim U'Dvash
2.   Shana Tova
3.   Toke'a Hashofar
4.   Sing Along Song
5.   L'shana Tova
6.   Tekiyah
7.   These Are the Days
8.   Let's Be Friends
9.   Al Take
10.   This Is What We Need To Build A Sukkah
11.   Patish, Masmer
12.   Hasukkah Ma Yafa
13.   Shlomit Bona Sukkat Shalom
14.   Basukkah Shelanu
15.   Susu Vsimchu
16.   Yisrael V'Oraita
17.   Agil V'Esmach
18.   L'shalom Livracha
19.   Sevivon Sov, Sov
20.   Chanukah Chag Yafe
21.   Oh Chanukah
22.   Burn Little Candles
23.   Maccabee March
24.   Lichvod Ha Chanukah
25.   Take A Potato
26.   The Latke Song
27.   I Have A Little Dreidel
28.   The Dreidel Songs
29.   Let's Go Plant Today
30.   Hashkediya
31.   Ki Tavo'u
32.   Kach Holchim Hashotlim/Tu Bishavat
33.   Chag Purim
34.   Purim Masqueraders
35.   Leitzan Katan/Yom Tov Lanu
36.   Lakova Sheli
37.   Hop Mayne Homentashn
38.   Ani Purim
39.   You Can Change the World
40.   Pesach Is
41.   Simcha Raba
42.   I Am The Afikomen
43.   Building Cities
44.   Listen, King Pharaoh
45.   One Morning
46.   The Ten Plagues
47.   Out of Egypt
48.   Avadim Hayinu
49.   Dayenu
50.   Zemer Lach/Am Ysrael Chai/David Melech Yisrael/V'shu Itchem/Chai
51.   Kachol V'Lavan
52.   Torah Torah
53.   Saleinu Al K'tefeinu
54.   Ten Commandments

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