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Cover Shot
Ofra Haza
Ofra Haza Greatest Hits (3 CD Box Set)

Order #: 00914
With the passing of Ofra Haza in the early part of 2000, at the age of 41, it is hard to beleive that this great artist has been performing and recording for over 25 years--first as a featured artist with the popular Israeli goup "Shechunat Hatikva Workshop Theatre" and as Isreal's most popular international singing star whose voice has been featured in many films including, "The Governess", and "Moses, Prince of Egypt" This 3CD box set, comprising of 51 songs, is a retrospective of her recording career from her hit recordings at Hed Arzi Israel and also includes songs from her all-time best selling international albums, "Shadai" and "Desert Wind". The selections on this important compilation range from "traditional" Israeli folk-pop songs such as "(Am Yisrael) Chai" which catapulted the young artist to international fame as the Israeli entry in the Eurofestival,where she placed 2nd--to her best selling "Yemenite Songs" album, and "Im Nin'Alu" from her #1 international best selling album "Shadai" as well as many more.This collection is a great tribute to a great artist and a 'must have' for all her fans.
1.   CD #1- Amen For Words
2.   Mutual Destiny
3.   Prayer
4.   Alive (Chai)
5.   Gabriel
6.   The Frecha Song
7.   You Call Me
8.   Like A Bird
9.   A Love Song To A Soldier
10.   Keep Walking
11.   Lover's Signs
12.   Flash Gordon
13.   Magic Queen
14.   Superstar
15.   Hand In hand
16.   Help Me
17.   With You Tonight
18.   After The Holidays
19.   Sailor Boys
20.   Eyes
21.   A Ballad For A King
22.   Revival
23.   CD # 2- Earth
24.   Home Sweet Home
25.   A New Year Starts Every Day
26.   Summertime
27.   Now
28.   All The Cards Are On The Table
29.   Lady
30.   Come And Play with Me
31.   Forty
32.   This Year Inshalla
33.   Rachamim
34.   Galbi
35.   Wish Me Luck
36.   Yaba Yaba Ya
37.   Daw Da Hiya
38.   Show Me
39.   Fatamorgana
40.   Shadai
41.   CD # 3 - Along The Sea
42.   Giving
43.   Gentle Hand
44.   Jerusalem Of Gold
45.   Sixth Sense
46.   You've Got A Friend - sung in English
47.   The Rain
48.   Love Letter
49.   Melody Of The Heart
50.   Suburban Boy
51.   Tell Me Where My Friends Are
52.   Haven't Talked About Love Yet
53.   The Golden Apple
54.   This Pain
55.   End Of Summer
56.   Listen to The Waves
57.   Someone Always Walks With Me

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