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Khevrisa - featuring Zev Feldman and Steven Greenman
Khevrisa - European Klezmer Music

Order #: 00922
Unlike other contemporary Klezmer recordings, KHEVRISA presents gorgeous 19th century Eastern European Klezmer music leb by violin and cimbal. Comprised by some of todays finest Klezmer musicians, the group consists of Zev Feldman (Cimbal), Steven Greenman (Violin), Alicia Svigals (Sekund), Michael Alpert (Sekund) and Stuart Brotman (Bass)From the booklet:This is the first modern studio recording of the klezmer music of Europe, performed with the original European instrumentation--first violin, cimbal (hammer dulcimer) and bass. On this recording Khevrisa performs mainly display pieces which were part of the wedding ceremony --music to listen to, not for dancing--or which were played at the tables of wealthy connoisseurs. Ten of the twenty selections have never been recorded before. The extensive 36 page booklet contains a three century history of Klezmer, bibliography, and glossary. This 70 minute Cd is a beautifully performed and important recording! Highly recommended!
1.   I) Suite in A Minor,A Freygish, D Freygish, D Minor - Sher (AM)
2.   Mazltov
3.   Sher (A)
4.   Ahavo Rabbo Shteyger
5.   Ahavo Rabbo Shteyger
6.   Shir Ha Malois
7.   Kaleh Bazetsn
8.   Dobriden (D)
9.   Fun Der Khupe
10.   II) C Minor - Di Shvarts Khasene
11.   Simkhas toyre
12.   III) Violin and Cimbal Music for the Wedding Table in G Minor- Dobriden (Gm)
13.   Zogekhts
14.   Freylakhs
15.   Alter Yiddisher Tants
16.   Steiner's Khosidl
17.   IV) Old Moldavian Klezmer Siite in E - Terkisher Gebet
18.   Bughici's Terkisher Freylakhs
19.   Buhusher Khosid
20.   Old Bulgar

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