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Greek Jewish Musical Traditions (Folkways Recording F-4205)

Order #: 00970
(From the enclosed liturature) The history of the Jews in Greece goes back to the biblical period. Throughout this long history many different regimes have ruled over Greece and have left their trace on Jewish life and culture. As a result of the several waves of Jewish emigration to Greece from different European countries, at least three major traditions may be distinguished in the Greek-Jewish heritrage. The first and oldest tradition is that of the Greek-speaking Jews known as the Romaniots (Gregos), who settled in Corfu, Ioanina, Arta, Patras Chalkis, Salonika, Thebes and Aphilon. With the expulsion of the Jews form the Iberian Peninsula in 1492, one wave of exiles spread over the Ottoman Empire ansd soon established several flourishing centers in Northern Greece, mainly that in Salonika, and also in Trikala, Larissa and Volos where they introduced their own customs and language, Judeo-Sapnish.The third tradition is that of the Italian speaking Jews whose ancestors were expelled from Apulia in Southern Italy. This tradition is evident in the Isle of Coru and its neighbouring centers. ---------------------------------------The songs contained in this collection are a compilation of the various Jewish cultures inGreece.Included with this cassette, are the liner notes from the original Folkways recording which includes information on the culture and musical styles of the Greek Jews as well as musical notation of 6 of the included songs.The selections were recorded, and liner notes written, by Ammon Shiloah, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1.   Adonay Malach (Ioniana Tradititon) ( Congregation of the Ioanina Synagogue,Jerusalem)
2.   Yom Shabbaton (Corfu tradition) (Chaim Menahem)
3.   El Dio Alto (Slonika tradition) (H. Sidis)
4.   Kamti Be Ashmoret (Ioanina Tradition) (H. Borbolis)
5.   Ahot Ketana (Chalkis Tradition) (M. Cohen)
6.   Et Sha'are Ratzon (Larissa tradition) (A. Negrin)
7.   Et Sha'are Ratzon (Salonika Tradition) (Leon Parahia)
8.   Keter (Corfu Tradition) (H. Menahem)
9.   Ein Addir Kadonay (Chalkis Tradition) (M. Cohen)
10.   Purim, Purim (Chalkis tradition) (M. Cohen)
11.   Chad Gadya (Ladino-Larissa Tradition) (A. Negrin)
12.   Llamolo A Mose (Salonika Tradition) (H. Sidis)
13.   Odecha Ki 'Anitani (Volos tradition) (J Vital)
14.   Amon Yom Ze (Ioanina Tradition) (H. Borbolis)
15.   Alavar Alavaremos (Ladino- Larissa tradition) (A. Negrin)
16.   Yerusha Nahalah (Corfu Tradition) (H. Menahem)
17.   Excerpt from Circumcision Ceremony (Athens)
18.   Tora Ta Pulia (Sung in Greek, Ioanina Tradition) (Anna Raphael)
19.   Si Tu Me Quierias Como Yo Tu Quiero (Ladino-Larissa Tradition) (A. Negrin)
20.   Cante De Novia (Salonika Tradition) (H. Sidis)
21.   El Rey De Francia Tres Hijas Tenia (Salonika Tradition) (Allegra Matarasso)
22.   Ldadvaba La Blanca Nina (Salonika Tradition) (H. Sidis)

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