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Hatikvah Music brings you four new albums for your springtime listening pleasure:

Jewish Soul: The Heart and Soul of Jewish Music

Order #: 01659

"Jewish Soul" features traditional Jewish songs by artists who have achieve world wide fame in the fields of Popular, Rock & Roll, Classical, and Operatic Music.

The universal appeal of Jewish music is as old as Tin Pan Alley as is exemplified by the fact that the inspiration for this compilation came from an artist not known as a "Jewish-Music artist", Jackie Wilson, known as "Mr. Excitement", who is featured here performing the Al Jolson classic "The Anniversary Song". Jay & The Americans were one of the top vocal groups in the 1960s and opened for the Beatles on their first US tour. It was often assumed they were a popular Italian rhythm and blues group when in fact they were Jewish kids from New York, featured here on "Where Is The Village", sung in both English and Yiddish (as "Vi Is Dus Gessele"). "Dance Everyone Dance", an English version of "Hava Nagila", was a major pop hit for Betty Madigan at the peak of the rock & roll era. Her arrangement of this classic song was the inspiration for later versions by Connie Francis and The Barry Sisters!

That Eartha Kitt would sing in Yiddish should be of no surprise, but that she should chose "Rumania, Rumania", one of the most difficult songs, just shows how amazing an artist she truly was. Johnny Mathis is featured on 2 selections, the stirring, "Eli, Eli", sung in Yiddish, and "Where Can I Go", Tom Jones performs a soulful "Yiddishe Mamme" and Connie Francis is featured on a spirited version of "Tzena,Tzena". From Jan Peerce’s "Kol Nidre" to "Andy Williams’ "Exodus", this compilation is a must have for any music collection.

Included is an eight-page booklet with photos of the artists, lots of little-known information on the artists and songs, and a few surprises as well. Enjoy!
Click here for the track listing and to order

Theodore Bikel Sings Yiddish Theatre and Folk Songs

Order #: 01654

This is the third of three Yiddish albums Theodore Bikel recorded for Elektra Records in the 60's. Out of print for many years we are proud to release this classic album on the Hatikvah label. One of the selections, the folk song, "Dem Milners Treren", has found new life since being featured by Sidor Belarsky in the film, "A Serious Man". This beautiful song by Mr. Bikel is performed with the depth and emotion that only he can bring. This 16 song collection should be part on every Jewish Music library.
Click here for the track listing and to order

Theodore Bikel Sings MORE Jewish Folk Songs

Order #: 01598

This CD is the long awaited follow up to the highly successful CD, "Theodore Bikel Sings Jewish Folk Songs." Originally recorded in 1960, this is the second of three Yiddish albums Bikel recorded for Elektra Records.

In a career that has spanned over 50 years, Bikel has excelled in all aspects of the entertainment industry. He has appeared in numerous stage productions, and costarred with Mary Martin (at her insistence) in the original Broadway production of "The Sound Of Music," and has performed the role of Tevye in over 2,000 performances of "Fiddler On The Roof". His many film credits include, "The African Queen" with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn, "The Defiant Ones", for which he received an Academy Award nomination, "My Fair Lady", "The Russians Are Coming", and the Frank Zappa cult classic, "200 Motels".

As a singer, Bikel has been an important mentor and influence on artist such as, Peter Paul and Mary, The Limelighters, and Bob Dylan.

Theodore Bikel Sings MORE Jewish Folk Songs is a joyous celebration of Yiddish Folk songs and is wonderful addition to any folk music collection!
Click here for the track listing and to order

Mimi Sloan Sings Moishe Oysher Classics

Order #: 01563

Mimi Sloan performed with her sister Sylvia as the popular duo, "The Feder Sisters". They were a major stage act and recorded many hit songs. On radio, they often performed with the great Moishe Oysher and many of the major stars of the Yiddish Theater. Their singing style was very similar to that of the Barry Sisters with whom they often performed.

When Mimi went out on her own, she became one of the most popular Yiddish concert and night club performers. Since she often worked with Moishe Oysher, it was only natural that she would record his songs, in Yiddish and his Liturgical pieces. This is the first time that they have been available on CD.

From her renditions of the classic Yiddish Passover hit, "Haggada In Song" to the rousing "Amar Amar (Rabi Eliezer)" and the soulful "Sheyiboneh Beys Hamikdahs"... all the songs are truly classics. Included on this CD is the bonus selection of "Hassidic In America" by the Feder Sisters.
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