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Must-haves for Passover!


Jo Amar
Haggadah De Pessah (Moroccan Tradition)
Lori Cahan-Simon Ensemble
Songs My Bubbe Should Have Taught Me: A Yiddish Passover
David and The High Spirit
The Real Complete Passover Seder
DVD-Passover & Chanukah
Chanukah & Passover at Bubbes (2 programs on 1 DVD)
Alan Eder & Friends
Reggae Passover
Samy Elmaghribi
Haggadah De Pessah - Moroccan Tradition
Sam Eskin (Producer)
Hagadah: Recorded in Israel in a Yemenite Home
(CD, Cassette)
Debbie Friedman
The Journey Continues
Yehoram Gaon
Sabbath Songs In The Sephardic Tradition & Canticos Tradicionales De Pesah ( Passover) - 2 CDs
(2 CDs)
Kim & Reggie Harris & Rabbi Jonathan Kligler with Pete Seeger, Sonny Ochs, Juanita Nelson, etc.
Let My People Go! A Jewish & African American Celebration of Freedom
Erez Khaim, Abraham Arzoine, Abraham Bouhadana
Haggada Shel Pessach - Moroccan Passover
Moshe Koussevitzky
Passover Seder with Moshe Koussevitzky (2 CD set)
Shari Lewis & Lamb Chop
Shari's Passover Surprise
Shari Lewish & Lamb Chop
Shari Lewis' Passover Surprise & Lamb Chop's Chanukah - DVD
Moishe Oysher
The Moishe Oysher Seder - Kol Nidre Night & Chanukah Party (2 CD set)
Cindy Paley
Singing Seder
(CD, Cassette)
Yossele Rosenblatt
Hallel - Psalms and Prayers For The Three Festivals
Alain Scetbon
Haggada De Pessah - Tunisian Passover
Leibele Schwartz
Pesach - Rosh Hashana - Yom Kippur
Richard Tucker
Passover Seder Festival
(CD, Cassette)
Various - Produced by Craig Taubman
Celebrate Passover
Leil Shimurim - Prayers for Passover & The Omer Counting Days
Passover Songs In the Oriental Tradition
Ribono Shel Olam
Rugrats Passover
Animated Haggadah
Elie Wiesel
Passover Seder
Elie Zerbib
Haggada de Pessah -Algerian Passover

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