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Yiddish (page 11)

Shmuel Rodenski, Shmuel Segal, Shmuel Atzmon & Goldenberg, Segal, Rodenski
Die Kleine Mentshelech & Alt-Nei Kasrilevke by Shalom Aleichem - 2 CDs
David Rogow
Taybele and Her Demon & Other Selections From Yiddish Literature ( 2 CD set)
Michael Rosenberg, M. Wilner, R. Weintraub, S. Shaw
Three Daughters
Michael Rosenberg, Menashe Skulnik, Joseph Buloff, Leo fuchs, Yetta Zwerling, Seymour Reechtzeit and more
Mazel Tov Yidden
Yossele Rosenblatt
Yiddish Songs
(CD, Cassette)
Hannah Roth
Yiddish Folk Songs
Ruth Rubin (Editor)
Jewish Life, The Old Country (Folkways Recording F-3801)
(CD, Cassette)
Ruth Rubin with Pete Seeger (banjo)
Jewish Children Songs And Games (Folkways Recording F-7224)
(CD, Cassette)
Peter Rushefsky & Rebecca Kaplan
On the Paths: Oyf Di Vegelekch - Yiddish Songs With Tsimbl
Arron Saltiel
Yiddishe Lieder
Jacob Sandler
Yiddishe Tanz Music
Picture not available Martha Schlamme
Yiddish - Songs From My Father's House
Abraham A. Schwadron: Editor (From Field and Archive Recordings)
Chad Gadya - One Kid (Folkways Recording F-8920)
(CD, Cassette)
Leibele Schwartz
Grandes Exitos En Idish Y Jasidico - Greatest Yiddish & Chassidic Hits (From Argentina)
Maurice Schwartz, Miriam Riselle, Rebecca Weintrab, Paula Lubelsky, Leon Liebgold
Tevye The Milkman
Maurice Schwartz, ZveeScooker, Judith Abarbanel
Uncle Moses
Willy Schwarz
Jewish Music Around The World
Second Avenue Klezmer Band
For Our Mothers
Neil Sedaka
Brighton Beach Memories - Neil Sedaka Sings Yiddish
Zahava Seewald
Psamim: Ashkenaz Songs

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