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Yiddish (page 14)

The Golden Years of Yiddish Music
Best Of Yiddish Vaudeville - Vol.1 & Michel Rosenberg -Getzel Stories (Double Length)
International Yiddish Festival - Cracow 1990
Various (Barry Sisters, Dudu Fisher, Jan Peerce, etc.)
The Best Yiddish Album In The World
Picture not available Various (Myron Cohen, Billy Hodes, Larry Best, Leo Fuchs, Radio Aces, and more)
20th Century Yiddish Humor
Various (Sara Gingold, Jenny goldstein, Pesach Burstein, David Kesler, etc.)
Songs From The Attic: Vol 1 - A Brievele De Mame
Various ( Bruce Adler, Simon Spiro, Benzion Miller, Robert Abelson, and more)
Abe Ellstein - Great Songs Of The Yiddish Stage - Vol. 1
Various ( Herman Yablokof, William Schwartz, Avrahm Moskovitz, Max Braun, etc.)
Songs From The Attic: Vol 2 - Ich Hob Dich Lieb
Various ( Leo Fuchs, Jacob jacobs, Seymour Rechtzeit, Lucy Gorman, Milly Pcon, etc.)
Memories of The Yiddish Theater
Various (Barry Sisters, Regine, Leo fuchs, Deeie Fisher, the Weavrs, Perry Como,etc)
Kosher Classics
Various (Barry Sisters, Seymour Rechtzeit, Jan Bart, Dave Tarras, Joe & Paul,etc.)
Music From The Yiddish Radio Project - Archival Recordings From Yiddish Radio 1930's - 1950's
Various (Morris Godstein, Minnie Birenbaum, Max Reichart, Isaac Gladstone, Mark Olf, etc.)
Songs From The Attic: Vol 3 - Papirosen
Various (Moyshe Oysher & Barry Sisters, Y. Rosenblatt, S Rechtzeit, M Hershman ,M Alexandrovich)
Yiddish Masterpieces
Various (Sam Kesten, Rosenthal & Jacobs, Herman Yablokof, Nechama Lifshitz, Mark Olf, etc.)
Songs From The Attic: Vol 4 - Bulbes
Various (Sophie Tucker, Feder Sisters, Miriam Kressin, Molly Picon, Shifra Lerrer, etc.)
Eshet Chayil: Women Singing Yiddish - Vol 3
IB Various (Tova Ben Tzvi, Barry Sisters, Sara Gorbi, Aliza Azikri, Bronya Levas & more!)
Eshet Chayil: Women Singing Yiddish - Vol 1
Various - Adrienne Cooper, Zlamen Mlotek, Lorin Sklamberg, New Yiddish Chorale, and More!
Songs Are All I Have - The Musical Legacy of Vladimir Heifetz
Various - Barry Sisters, Max Perlman, Feder Sisters, Shifra Lerrer, Mike Burstein, Israel Itzhaki an
Tanz Mit Mir - Yiddish Ballroom Dance - 2 CD Set
Various - Y. Rosenblatt, M. Hershman, S. Katz, P. Borenstein, D. Koussevitzky, L. Waldman
Cantors Sing Yiddish - Vol 2
Various: Isobel Walters, Sol Meizels, Izak Gladstone, Masha Benya,etc.
Songs From The Attic: Sing Me a Melody, Yiddish Children Songs

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